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How Meal Prepping Changed My Eating Habits

We’ve all heard the quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”  While I like to frame “failure” as a learning experience, this adage is particularly true of creating health habits. We must first of all know what we want and then make a specific plan to get there. This is so true when it comes to healthy eating habits.

Last week, I had a busy week. I was out of town for the holiday, which threw off my meal prep time on the weekend. So, during the week my eating schedule was off. I was rushing to the grocery store for a few things at night, or I would eat late or skip meals. We have all been there -- failing to plan to fuel our bodies.   

For many of my clients who are wanting to change eating habits, meal prep is a must. It takes the stress out of eating. I love going to my fridge the morning of a busy day and picking out my Tupperware containers of meals and snacks all ready to go I feel successful already, and when it comes to lunchtime, I have a delicious, healthy meal to enjoy, and can avoid the temptation for fast food or food that doesn’t satisfy or fuel my body. 

What are your plans to start meal prepping? When will you start? How can you fit it into your schedule?

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