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No more excuses, Take control of Your Health


Message from Camille: WATCH HERE


Many people struggle to keep up the commitment, motivation, and confidence to be successful to reach their goals and aspirations. They often let other things get in the way of their personal health and happiness.  By taking this virtual course you will be able to stay on the steady course to reach your goals and gain confidence, happiness, and improved health and well-being!


This study at your own pace, online coaching class goes for 5 weeks. In this independent setting you will learn how to overcome challenges and get more tools for success and accountability. You can listen to or watch the classes from your computer, tablet or mobile phone, wherever there is internet access.



Week 1- Your Ideal Life, Creating an Inspiring Motivating Wellness Vision

Week 2- What Stands in Your Way?- Overcoming Barriers to Lasting Change

Week 3- The Power of Habit- Creating daily rituals

Week 4- Mindfulness and the Body- How to know what your body needs? (fuel it, move it, rest it)

Week 5- The Buddy System- How support and accountability work and next steps (Bonus in-person coaching session with Camille)



You will be sent an email each the links to each video session, a PDF outline of course content, and some “home play” worksheets to complete during the week after each session. Engage in this course by listening, watching, and then taking action.

Are you ready to “Jump Start” your life?

Mind Body Wellness Power Class

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