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Camille Kennard
Wellness Coach

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Health and Wellness Coach. I have been a social worker for the past ten years counseling people with chronic medical conditions and providing grief counseling to patients and families.

I love to speak at conferences, work site wellness programs, for corporations, networking groups, and medical offices and/or clinics. I also speak for church and volunteer groups as well.  


I am happy to create a personalized presentation for your audience that can work within your budget and time constraints.


Reserve me now….Contact my team at to ask about speaking  



During this talk your audience will….

  • Learn about the 8 aspects of Wellness and rank their level of satisfaction in each area

  • Be able to identify and describe what, why, and where they want more wellness in their lives

  • Explore barriers to wellness and the significant role of the mind in determining well-being

  • Learn the stages of change and be able to identify what stage they are in for changing their behavior

  • Identify components of the wellness journey and the first steps to take

  • Learn a process for setting dream driven goals they are excited about

  • Participate in mindfulness and positive psychology activities to increase motivation and success

Sample Outline

The What and Why of Wellness?

Why do we care about Wellness? As a business owner you want a healthy and productive work force to enable the company to be successful. For an individual you may want to lose weight, avoid disease, and live longer. Wellness may mean something different for each person.  In order to help a company or individual flourish, we must discover what motivates and drives them to action.

The How of Happy?

What would make you happier? A new car, more money, a better relationship? Most of us are waiting for that time when the magic appears and we have arrived at our “happy place.”  We want to be happy we just don’t know how to get there. What if happiness isn’t a destination, but a journey? What if you can learn skills to improve your happiness, regardless of your circumstance?  In this talk learn how happiness activities like; expressing gratitude, practicing acts of kindness, nurturing social relationships, and taking care of your body can boost your mood and overall life satisfaction!  


Mindful Eating

Our relationship with food and eating can be full of emotional triggers and self-defeating behavior. We often have a love/hate relationship with food. Being healthy doesn’t mean being on a diet, eating only greens, or starving yourself.  Mindful Eating teaches us to make food our friend. In this talk you will learn the difference between mindful and mindless eating. You will discover how to tune in with what type of hunger your body is experiencing and how to listen to your bodies cues for hunger and fullness.  


Joyful Movement

There are many benefits to moving our body. It is a great way to reduce stress, improve concentration, and manage your mood. You can move your body and enjoy it! Exercise doesn’t have to be drudgery.  In this talk you will learn some of the less known benefits of exercise like; preventing cognitive decline, increasing relaxation, and getting more done. Learn why we don’t exercise and take home some tips to help you enjoy moving your body!


Dream Driven Goals

Do you enjoy making yearly goals and creating resolutions? We all have things we think we “should” change about ourselves and we often feel bogged down and don’t take action to make things happen.  Have you ever wondered if you goal might be too blah for you? In this talk learn to create goals that are fun, attractive, and uplifting. What do you want to gain this year? Who do you want to become?  Learn the habits to make your dreams a reality!


Love Your Body, Embrace Your Beauty

We live in a society where media tells us what beauty and worth is. They tell you how tall, rich, skinny, and curvy you must be. Our media is full of photo shopped pictures creating an unrealistic image of how women “should” look and be. When we don’t live up to the messages of the media we feel shame about ourselves. In this talk learn how to reject toxic media and find your unique beauty.  Learn how to challenge negative beliefs and practice self-compassion and kindness.


Stress Resilience- 5 Steps to Calming your Anxious Mind

Are you feeling stressed out? Do you have too much to do and too little time?  The feelings of stress and anxiety are all too common. The demands of work, family, church, life, etc. can leave you feeling tense, nervous, and out of control!  In this talk you will learn how to change your perception of stress and limit the negative impact of stress. Learn 5 skills that you can practice to shift your body and mind into a more calm state.

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