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Video Training Programs with workbooks and PDF's to guide and empower you with the confidence to make wise health choices, see results, and make lifestyle changes that last a lifetime. 

Motivation Training Program


When I asked people what holds them back in taking care of their health most people say they just aren’t motivated to make changes. So what is motivation? How do you get more of it? What motivates you to do what you do? What is your WHY?


Watch this video to discover what motivates you and how you can use it to move you forward to the life you want. When you have a big enough WHY you will figure out how!

You will receive a downloadable video file and accompanying workbook.


When you complete this, check out our 90 Days to Wellness course to continue your wellness.

90 Days to Flourishing Health Training Program



Daily Rituals to Create a Lifestyle of Health 90 days to Flourishing Health program includes a workbook, 3 audio guides, and a 90-day goal celebration calendar.

Through this workbook and audios you will be guided through how to think, eat, move, and live. Be empowered with the confidence to see results and change your life for good.

In 3 separate audios you will be guided on your health journey:

  • 30 Days to “Plant the Seed” of beliefs and mindset

  • 30 days to “Nourish the Seed” through daily health habits

  • 30 days to “Grow and Thrive” by gaining confidence and energy when you see the results of improved mood, weight release, and finding enjoyment in moving your body!


When you're done with this one, be sure to check out our Power Class.

Wellness Power Class


Many people struggle to keep up the commitment, motivation, and confidence to be successful to reach their goals and aspirations. They often let other things get in the way of their personal health and happiness.  By taking this virtual course you will be able to stay on a steady course to reach your goals and gain confidence, happiness, and improved health and well-being!


This study at your own pace, online coaching class goes for 5 weeks. In this fun group setting you will learn from and relate to individuals in the class, who may face similar challenges to your own and get extra support and accountability. You can listen to or watch the classes from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone, wherever there is internet access.


You will be sent an email each week with a link to each live video session, a PDF outline of course content, and some “home play” worksheets to complete during the week after each session. Engage in this course by listening, watching, and then taking action.

Are you ready to “Jump Start” your life

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