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Raising a Powerful Girl Podcast

I had the privilege of being interviewed on the Raising a Powerful Girl Podcast about Body Image.  Thanks for having me, Maria!

We live in a media-centric world where popular culture tries to dictate the norms in values, beliefs, and body image.

A distorted picture of your body and negative body image contribute to low self-esteem, depression, obsession with weight loss, and risk of eating disorders. According to Research “girls become increasingly aware their appearances are a barometer of their self-worth in our media-intense culture.” We need to teach girls how to reject toxic media messages and how to listen to their inner wisdom when it comes to eating, moving, stress, and their overall well-being. Powerful girls practice self-care and experience confidence, resilience, happiness, fulfillment, and they are better able to lead others in a positive direction.

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Cameron Nash
Cameron Nash
Jul 04, 2022

Hi nice reading your posst

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