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The Power of You, Perfect Just the Way You Are 😇✨🌟👌🙌🙏

Hi friend,

I hope you are enjoying loving yourself and giving yourself the compassion you deserve. Learning to love yourself is a journey. For me, it has been learning to reject the cultural messages that say the way we are “supposed” to look, to replace those messages with affirmations of my truth, and to give myself the love and self-care I need.  

How can you recognize the power of who you are? Sometimes we look for others to point out our achievements, what we are doing well, or validate who we are. When you look within yourself, though, what do you see?  Sometimes when I watch videos of myself, or remember how I felt when I spoke to a group of young women I think “man you are powerful, you are doing it, you are making a difference.”  

What makes you feel powerful?

I hope you get a chance to tune into my podcast this month. You will hear about overcoming comparisons, body shame, and how to lift others up in the process. We need to recognize that thoughts are not facts, see the beauty in ourselves, and be able to move our bodies for fun, not for punishment.

I know that all of you were made to be unique and that you have characteristics and strengths that will help you live out your best life. Your hair, your eyes, your body, they are all uniquely yours, no one else is like you.

You are perfect just the way you are.  



Your Challenge this Week? Practice SELF-LOVE!

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