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Easter and the Hope of Spring

I love this time of year when the flowers bloom and the air is getting warmer.  I love to celebrate Easter. I always wondered as a kid how Jesus and the Easter Bunny and peeps marshmallow treats all related to Easter. I was just excited for the candy in my Easter basket.  I now recognize that Easter is about hope, new life, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

What do you hope for in your life? I think for most people it is to be happy.  To feel like you are significant, that you matter, and that you are connected to others.  Have you ever wondered what you are here to do? What is your potential? What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?  

In April, our theme is “Bloom into Spring.”  You’ve heard the saying “Bloom Where You are Planted” which is all about making the best of your situation. Take time this month to think about what you can do to more fully bloom in your life, to let go of fears and let yourself BE SEEN! I’m not sure what this means for you, but we will explore it together. Often our best version of ourselves is hidden beneath some of our strongest fears.

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