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Presenter Guide: Mother Daughter Retreat 2022

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Presenter Details.

Leave your worries and technology at home. Come escape to this beautiful cabin near the mountains outside of gorgeous Eden, UT with your daughter! Give yourself (and her) the gift of great self-care, stillness, and connection with nature. Here are a few of the presenters and what you have to look forward to!

Camille Kennard

Camille Kennard is a Clinical Social Worker and Health and Wellness Coach, and is the owner of FWC. She will teach you how to focus on the experience of eating, without distraction, and tuning into your bodies cues for hunger and fullness. Camille Kennard will also instruct on mindfulness. Camille’s career began working in health care with people with chronic illness. This propelled her to want to do more to help people prevent disease and live well. Camille’s passion led her to study stress, anxiety, and self-image issues that hold people back from taking good care of themselves. Camille will walk us through Mindfulness Meditation practices each day to; explore mental habits, release tension in the body, and find overall peace and joy by living in the moment.

Mandy Nelissen - Daily guided practice by this Registered Yoga Therapist

Mandy is a yoga instructor that is very passionate about yoga, mindfulness and meditation. She started her yoga/mindfulness practice in the Netherlands, where she is from, and continued her journey in the United States. She has discovered for herself how much these three practices have helped her in (difficult) moments in her life. She does yoga and meditation on a daily bases and lives a mindful life. Yoga gives her the opportunity to really feel how she feels, in her body and also in her mental state. It has made her stronger in both aspects.

The most important thing she has learned from these practices is to handle changes, challenges, etc. and live in a healthy and constructive way. Sharing this with other people is her purpose in life, so she can help more people find peace and calm in their lives, in this hectic world.

It brings balance between body, mind, and spirit.

Angela Nusbaum - Licensed Massage Therapist

Angela Nusbaum has a profound gift of empathy that has led her to help hundreds of clients in the last seven years to a place of personal peace on physical, mental and spiritual and emotional planes. As a Light Mentor and Licensed Massage therapist she helps to connect their body and spirit in order to communicate and awaken their sense of identity to help them heal. The body is a physical manifestation of our Spirit's journey. Trained in anatomy, massage therapy, emotion release, crystal therapy, and mentoring she has combined these fields into a unique therapeutic experience that treats the person as an energetic whole. Signals from our physical spaces are trying to communicate something our Spirit is experiencing. Angela helps you decipher those messages.

Livia Pewtress - Soul Confidence Creation and Essential Oils experience

Livia is all about family, faith & fulfilling her divine mission while helping others to find and fulfill

theirs with JOY! She believes in creation, possibility, & becoming. She creates inspirational products and programs that wake up the mind, inspire the soul, and support divine creation. She loves deep connection and creating memorable experiences! Livia is full of ideas and creations. She is a Soul Confidence Creation Coach, DoTERRA Wellness Advocate, and dedicated wife and mother!

Delee Cox - Slow Fashion Wardrobe Stylist

I am a wardrobe stylist with a passion for slow fashion. I help women discover their personal style, find the confidence to dress the way they want to dress and create a wardrobe that fits their current lifestyle. I started my career after I went through my own experience of buying clothes, only wearing them a few times, then discarding them. Now I help women all over the country break away from the fast fashion cycle and become more intentional about how they wear, care for, and discard their clothing. @thestylistnextdoor_ut

Michelle Hogan - Foot Zoning

I have been zoning the feet, the face and the back since graduating in 2007 from Nordblom Institute of Zoning.

I believe we have come to a time on this planet where mindfulness, self love, self healing, alternative methods and acceptance of others will be the new way of Life!.... looking within for healing strength through breath , thoughts, allowing and nutrition resulting in a more positive and healthy lifestyle.

Zoning clears a path through the God given signal system in the body clearing the body physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually so the body is better capable of doing its job in keeping the body healthy.

We are spiritual beings... living a physical journey. We would not know light without some darkness... my journey is to bring as much light to those around me as I possibly can. I feel enormously blessed that the zoning found me and that I can share it will those around me in their earthly journey of health and well being.

Foot Zoning Foot Zonology is the science of the signal system in the feet.

Foot Zoning is a treatment where through the manipulation and pressure applied to the signal system in the feet. The body can be brought back into a state of balance for optimal healing and wellness. So basically, your body is like a computer and your feet are the keyboard. Your feet give me the perfect keys through its signaling system to send programs to the rest of the body to align, balance and change for the better.

Brooke Beninocosa - Medical Qigong

Brooke is known for her intuitive healing abilities and her knowledge of health coaching and her willingness to listen.

Brooke's achievements include a bachelor's degree in nursing, certified foot zone practitioner, certified Reiki master and White Tiger 8 Trigram and 5 Element Qigong instructor. After leaving her corporate job at the hospital, Brooke studied in Italy for three weeks to learn medical qigong and better serve people who want lifestyle changes.

Vilia Van Tonder - the Food Alchemist

Vilia Van Tonder grew up in South Africa and France, and her passion for food came from her maternal grandfather, father, and her sweet mother taught her the basics about food. Imagine a world where you are able to fall in love with food again. I consider myself to be a food Alchimest. "Alchemy is defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that can not be explained."

Your taste buds will take you on a journey into a world you did not know was even available to you. Preparing food is a delight and not a chore. Your heart will sing because the love you infuse into the food, those who partake of the food feel that love in their soul.

Come with me on the undiscovered voyage of the food world.

Julia Ervin - Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher

Julia is certified as a level one Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher. She is also certified in Guided Imagery and is currently finishing up her 200 hr Meditation Certification. Julia is passionate about the power of journaling and meditation as part of a daily routine for mental health. The inclusion of crystal Bowls and Gong relaxation helps to bring the brain into a Theta state which can allow for deep relaxation, stress release, and a deepened connection to the creative self.

Candice Fink - Owner of Urban Enhancements

Hi! I'm Candice Fink, owner of Urban Enhancements. I have mobile spa and studio in Ogden. I'm an avid traveler, food lover, wife, mother, licensed Master Esthetician, Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner, Facial Zoner, and soon to be Foot Zoner. I enjoy life and all that it is!

I have been involved in the beauty industry for several years and finding ways to help people relax and reconnect my whole life. I believe that everyone is beautiful; I love that I can help people feel and see their natural beauty. I help to enhance your beauty through facials, body treatments, waxing, lash and brow treatments, makeup, and Reiki.

Love yourself, love your skin, and enhance your beauty.

CLICK HERE to join us at this amazing retreat!

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