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Finding Freedom In and From...

Happy July!

I love everything about this month: the fireworks, time with family, BBQs, and celebrating the freedom we enjoy! 

It makes me think about the great sacrifices of those who fought for my freedom. I appreciate the freedoms I enjoy: The freedom to practice my religion, to speak my mind, to assemble, to own property, freedom to work, to receive education, and many more.

What freedoms do you appreciate? This month, we will be focusing on freedom (or lack thereof) in our lives. Even though we may be physically free, we may feel trapped by our limiting beliefs, by an undiagnosed illness, by anxiety or depression, or just not feeling like we have freedom to do what we want to in our lives. Have you ever felt stuck like you are not progressing? Have you had a hard day when other people’s choices influence you feeling like you are in bondage?

In July, we will be exploring how to feel freedom through changing limiting beliefs and the way we see the world. We can be free from fear by focusing on faith. We can be free from emotional and mental blocks from past wounds. We can learn to be compassionate to ourselves and others. We can be free from anxiety and stress by learning skills to calm our brain and soothe our body.

Do you want to experience more freedom? Tune into my WEEKLY PODCAST HERE, follow our Facebook page to find out more about a Meet Up group we're forming (yoga, food classes, breathing techniques, etc. all geared around: joyful movement, mindful eating, stress resilience activities).

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