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Get Moving!

The simple act of moving your body will do more for your brain than any riddle, math equation, mystery book, or even thinking itself.” – David Perlmutter

Have you ever felt like your head is in a fog like you can’t concentrate on anything? Do you feel angry, anxious, or distracted?  I have felt this way before.  Sometimes we get so busy in the thick of our busy-ness we forget to just stop and be.  

I love how Jon Kabat Zin says we are “human beings not human doings.” This is powerful for me as a recovering busy perfectionist.  Have you ever felt too busy to enjoy life? Both movement and meditation can take us out of our anxious, fearful, and distracted mind to a calm, happy engaged mind.  

Last week, I really needed this after spending several hours at my computer working on a presentation. My body just needed to MOVE. So I got up, did some stretches and went out for a quick walk around my neighborhood. When I came back, I felt like the fog was lifted, I could concentrate again and I felt more happy and hopeful.  

Where do you go to experience stillness? I love to go hiking in the mountains or sit by the Jordan River near my home. The sound of the water is soothing and calms my body and brain. I love going where there is quiet and stillness and just listening to sounds of the birds, trees, and nature.  

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