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Learning How to Bloom Where You are Planted

I love wildflowers. They can creep up in the most interesting places. Under rocks, cracks in the ground, or anywhere that they find soil and sun!  Since I haven’t done so well at gardening the past few years I love it when wild flowers or perennials just grow anywhere making my yard look beautiful!

What if the flowers didn’t bloom, what if they stayed comfortable in the bud, not showing their true colors? We wouldn’t be able to enjoy them.  We often do this in our lives. I know that I have been like this. I have felt like I would be happier WHEN I was in a relationship, or had more money, or was more physically fit. Often we look for something outside of ourselves to make us happy.  

I really enjoyed the book, “The How of Happiness.”  In it Dr. Sonya Lyubomirsky shares data on “What Determines Happiness?” The study reported that 50% of happiness is determined in your DNA (genetics), 10% circumstances beyond your control, 40% is within your control.  

Most people think their happiness is dependent on something changing; a bigger house, your spouse changing, different relationships, weather, a new house, or environment.  People who BLOOM where they are planted take that 40% and focus on what they can control.

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