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Love, Me 😍❤😍❤😍❤

It’s Valentine’s week. A week with red and pink hearts, candy, flowers, and love notes. It has become a day to celebrate romantic love and love for friends and family. Do you remember Valentine’s parties in elementary school? You made a box for others to put love notes in. Some cards were from a secret crush, others were cute pictures of kittens your BFFs.  

What if you could make a love note to yourself, what would it say?

In today’s society it seems like it’s become negative to talk about what you like about yourself. Are we concerned we might sound conceited? Loving yourself is healthy, and recognizing your strengths can boost your self-image, mood, and help you feel more confident and capable.

Sincerely, Camille

P.S. Today's Challenge? Write a LOVE note expressing all of the things you love about yourself.

Here are some ideas to get you started...

Your passions, compassion, mind, fun-loving spirit, resilience, confidence, energy, smile, laugh, optimism, eyes. Let me know what you love about yourself in the comments.

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