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Mindful Living- Befriend Yourself 😀😍😘🙌💚💛

As a health and wellness coach people often ask me what “problems” my clients come in for help with. They may want to lose weight, eat better, or get into an exercise routine, but the main problem seems to be STRESS. We are busy, overscheduled, and fast paced. We don’t take time to “be still” and often we handle our stress with food, electronics, media, or just “numbing out” with Netflix.  

We will never get rid of stress. Homework has to be done, the kids need to be fed, the bills need to be paid, and work projects and deadlines are facts of life. But what if we could learn resilience to stress and how to “roll” with the stress. What if you could feel more capable, calm, and relaxed?  

Mindfulness is a practice where we notice what is happening in the present moment without judgment. It is being present to whatever comes up in our body and mind. This practice of “non-judgment” can be difficult when we think about the “shoulds” and “coulds” of life. There are so many expectations we have of ourselves and sometimes we can be our own worst critic.

Mindful self-compassion means that you notice when you are feeling stress and emotional discomfort and that with “kindness” you listen to the sensations in your body.  Often when we are trying to change behavior to eat better, exercise more, get to bed on time, we can be very hard on ourselves if we “slip up.” Self-compassion is looking at yourself as you would a good friend with kindness.  

Sincerely, Camille

Take Action Corner-Challenge!

Self-Compassion Break

Say to yourself:

  1. “This hurts, this is stressful” (acknowledge your suffering)

  2. “I’m not alone. Others are just like me. We all struggle in our lives.”

  3. “May I be kind to myself. May I give myself what I need.”  

What message would you give to a dear friend or family member?  What message would you like someone to say to you?

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