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Feeling Happy and Successful is a Skill

Happy August everyone! I hope you are enjoying your summer! It’s a busy time with family vacations, camping, and enjoying the beautiful weather.  Last year, I attended the National eWomen Network Conference in Dallas, Texas. It was amazing connecting with women entrepreneurs and learning how to improve my life and business. One of my biggest "Aha!" moments was when CEO, Sandra Yancey shared the power of our subconscious mind. She said, “When we believe things are possible, we can create anything we want.” I truly believe this! Our mind is so powerful. If you can change your thoughts, you can change your life! According to Sandra, “Feeling happy and successful is a skill.” It’s something you can learn.

This month we will be talking about “The How of Happiness.” This is based on amazing research on happiness skills, shared in Sonya Lyubomirsky’s book by the same name. Here is what the research says:

  • 50% of happiness is determined in your DNA (genetic)

  • 10% circumstances beyond your control

  • 40% is within your control

What would make you happier? A better relationship, a new car, losing weight, more money, a different job, improved health…?  

Most people want to be happy, but we just don’t know how to get there.  We hold onto myths about what happiness is and how to find it. Is it possible to become happier? Is happiness really in our control?

Join me this month as we discover how it is possible to be “happier” now, without changing our circumstance. Join me through podcast, social media, and videos to learn tools, tips, ideas, and the Mindfulness in the Mountains Retreat for seeing the good in your life! Isn’t it empowering to know YOU have control over YOUR mindset and the way we see and experience life!

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