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Healthy Spooktastic Food

It's hard around the holidays to stay healthy. Punchbowl helped us out with these amazing recipes! Check them out and then visit their site for more fun recipes!

This is a fantastic Halloween salad recipe for a potluck party because you can make it in advance. It's a great combination of sweet and savory, and it couldn't be a better color match for Halloween with all of the orange and red ingredients.

3 beets, fresh or canned

1 blood orange

4 carrots (shredded)

1 pomegranate

If using fresh beets, cook them in boiling water. Once the beets are cooked and their skins have been removed, dice them into bite-sized pieces. To the beets, add small sections of your blood orange, the shredded carrots and the seeds from your pomegranate. Toss together to create a colorful blood red and bright orange Halloween treat and add a little ginger-flavored dressing for a perfect light Halloween salad.

This dish is a great way to get the kids to eat healthy on Halloween. It also makes a fun side dish for an adult Halloween bash as well. The name makes it super spooky so have a label on the serving dish so everyone knows they are eating witch hair!

2 cups alfalfa sprouts

1 avocado

5 large carrots, grated

Italian vinaigrette dressing

Start by cutting the avocado into large chunks. In a bowl, mash the alfalfa sprouts and avocado together (lumps are OK). On a large serving platter arrange the grated carrots in an even layer.

Then, using a spoon, create small balls (walnut size) out of the avocado/sprout mixture. Place the balls on top of the grated carrots and dress with the vinaigrette.

Peel banana and cut in half. Use chocolate chips or hot fudge to create a face on each half of banana.  Peel each clementine by hand. Take a piece of celery and cut into small pieces to make stems then insert into top of the clementine. 


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