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Mindful Eating, Let FOOD be your medicine 😊

Have you ever heard the phrase “You ARE what you eat"? I used to wonder if I would turn into a donut or a hamburger.  The visual image of my face on a donut was disturbing. 😊  All joking aside, we often condemn certain foods as “bad” and make others “good” and this creates a kind of “love / hate” relationship with food that can be tricky and confusing. I love the taste of brownies, but they are bad for me. You see what I mean?

So how can we gain a healthy relationship with food? Food can be used as fuel, fun, entertainment, comfort, and/or punishment.  It’s our understanding of why we are eating and how this makes us feel emotionally and physically.  So “mindful eating” means “paying attention” to why we are eating and how we are eating?

Jan Choze-Bays, MD Describes it as “The Joy of Mindful Eating”

  • Involves choosing, preparing, and eating food

  • Acknowledge food preferences non-judgementally

  • All senses are used- colors, textures, scents, tastes, and sounds

  • Be curious and playful about responses to food

  • Using intuition what does my body need for nutrition/enjoyment

  • Replaces guilt and shame with respect for your own inner wisdom

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Take Action Corner

Why? Maybe you want to lose weight, eat small portions, or eat  more nutritious foods to have energy, stamina, and feel better about your body.

How? Explore how different foods make you feel. Do you feel energy after eating a healthy salad vs. feeling lethargic after eating donuts? Here’s some Actions you can take for healthier more mindful eating. Choose 2 things to try this week:  

  • Control Portions

  • Eat when you’re hungry

  • Plan

  • Slow down

  • Tune into your body

  • Choose the smaller plate

  • Chew 30 times

  • Put down your utensil

  • Find ways to soothe and comfort yourself

Listen to “Mindful Eating” Podcasts or similar topics: CLICK HERE

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