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Mindfulness in the Mountains Retreat Style.

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Leave your worries, technology, and the kids at home. Come escape to this beautiful cabin near the mountains outside of gorgeous Eden, UT. Give yourself the gift of great self-care, stillness, and connection with nature.

During this 3 day retreat we will immerse you in self-care and teach you how to tune into the needs of your body through Mindful Eating, Joyful Movement, and Mindfulness Meditation. Each day will consistent of movement, healthy eating, and meditation practice.

Mindful Eating

Presentation by Chrissa Peterson, Registered Dietician from Mindful Nutrition. Chrissa will teach you how focus on the experience of eating, without distraction, and tuning into your bodies cues for hunger and fullness. Chrissa has an inspirational story of weight release of over 100 lbs.

Joyful Movement

Daily guided practice by Registered Yoga Therapist, Mandy Nelissen. Mandy is a yoga instructor that is very passionate about yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. She has discovered for herself how much these three practices have helped her in difficult times in her life. She does yoga and meditation on a daily basis and lives a mindful life.

Yoga means “union” of mind, body, and spirit. We will practice morning and evening Yoga to connect to our body, release tension, and practice listening to the needs of our body. Yoga practices can connect us to our bodies and ground us to the earth. You will learn poses to release tension and find balance, calm, and self-awareness.

Stress Resilience through Mindfulness

Camille Kennard, Clinical Social Worker and Health and Wellness Coach. Camille’s career began working in health care with people with chronic illness. This propelled her to want to do more to help people prevent disease and live well. Camille’s passion led her to study stress, anxiety, and self-image issues that hold people back from taking good care of themselves. Camille will walk us through Mindfulness Meditation practices each day to; explore mental habits, release tension in the body, and find overall peace and joy by living in the moment.

Self-Care Spa (Free time for Massage, Footzone, Dietary consult, Energy Work, Sound Healing, Nature Walk)

Each day will consistent of self-care spa time, meditation, whole foods, and movement. Our menu will include delicious gluten free food from scratch that will satisfy the pickiest of eaters. Bring cash or check for massage services/footzone services $1 min

Flexible Daily Schedule:

7am Rise and Shine Yoga

8:30 breakfast

10:30 Walking Meditation/Hike

12pm lunch

1-2pm STOP Meditation/Grounding

2-5pm Self-care Spa/free time

5:30 Dinner Mindful Eating

6:30 pm Self-Compassion in Health

8pm-10pm Yoga

10:30pm-11pm bed

CLICK HERE to join us at this amazing retreat!

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