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Summer is Coming, and it's Time to Grow Together

Happy June! Summer is officially coming! I love being outside this time of year. The temperature is comfortable and the trees, grass, and flowers are green, in bloom, and full of life.  

I have been intrigued lately with learning about the energy of earth.  I found a quote that said “the earth vibrates at a frequency of eight hertz.  When we walk in natural areas, our bodies resonate with and absorb this vibrational energy which provides a feeling of harmony and relaxation.”  

Isn’t that amazing! I have always enjoyed hiking, biking, and being outdoors. I have noticed how it improves my mood, calms my mind, and helps me feel improved well-being.  It’s a science called “grounding.” When we eat things from the earth, when we put our bare feet on the ground, it increases the vibration within us. We can improve our physical and mental health simply by being outdoors and experiencing the earth.  

September 11-14th we will be combining both Mindfulness and Grounding for a Mindfulness in the Mountains Retreat at a cabin in Eden, Utah.  We will experience the energy of the earth, mindfulness in movement and eating, and how stillness can improve our health. In the month of June my posts, videos, and podcasts with include something about the benefits of the earth, the mountains, and mindfulness. You will get a sneak peek introduction to our incredible presenters, delicious energy filled food, and beautiful accommodations.

Put your bear feet on the ground! Absorb the electrons and feel decreased stress, increased energy, and healing.

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